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SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health) is a registered charity and non-profit organization.

We are student-initiated and student-led.

SWITCH was created by students in order to enrich educational experiences and to provide much needed services for Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. We have an active pool of volunteers from the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. We are also beginning to see volunteers from other Saskatchewan educational institutions such as the First Nations University of Canada and Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. What this also means is that our board of directors are students, primarily in the Health Sciences, professional colleges, or at the undergraduate level.

We are interprofessional.

Our mentors and student volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines with unique experiences to share.

Our Outreach team is responsible for making each SWITCH shift run smoothly by preparing and serving food, assisting with educational programming, and providing childcare.

Our Clinical team is made up of many different health disciplines, collaborating together on each case to provide non-judgemental and client-centered care. The students volunteer alongside a doctor or nurse practitioner, cultural support worker, receptionist, and other healthcare mentors. In addition to traditional clinical services, we offer counselling, speech language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, cultural supports, gynecology, pediatrics, pharmacy, and nutritional education.

We are a clinic.

SWITCH operates through the Saskatoon Community Clinic, out of the Westside Community Clinic. The clinic is across Avenue P. from St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We operate Mondays and Wednesdays and Saturdays to provide free walk-in clinical and social services to residents of Saskatoon’s inner city, though all residents are welcome.


All residents of Saskatoon have equitable access to culturally safe healthcare, nutrition, and education to better equip them with tools to create opportunities for themselves.


SWITCH augments the training of future professionals while improving the health, education, and skills of people from Saskatoon’s core communities, ultimately achieving lasting positive change for everyone involved.


The following values serve as a guide as we work toward our vision:

– Positively impacting the social determinants of health
– Empowering all clients served, as well as, students and mentors to make a difference in the community
– Striving to provide comprehensive care that is holistic and interdisciplinary
– Building cooperative partnerships with organizations, governments, and post-secondary institutions to foster open and collaborative relationships
– Earning the trust and respect of our partners, clients, mentors, and volunteers
– Innovation and dedication to excellence
– Ethical, social, and cultural responsibility
– Providing educational experiences that help students become more aware of and responsive to the needs of diverse populations
– Delivering compassion and empathy for everyone

Hours and Location

SWITCH is privileged to operate out of the Westside Community Clinic at: 1528 20th Street West.

SWITCH Summer Hours: 

  • May, June, July & August, Wednesday evenings only

SWITCH Clinic and Programming:

  • Monday from 5:30-8:00pm
  • Wednesday from 5:30-8:00pm
  • Saturday from 12:30-3:00pm

SWITCH Volunteer Shifts:

  • Monday from 5:00-9:00pm
  • Wednesday from 5:00-9:00pm
  • Saturday from 12:00-4:00pm


SWITCH offers the following services:

– Walk-in, interprofessional, after-hours, holistic clinical services with mentors and students from:

– Medicine
– Social work and counselling
– Pharmacy
– Chiropractic and acupuncture
– Paediatrics
– Gynaecology
– Speech language pathology
– Nursing
– Physical therapy
– Occupational therapy
– Dietician
– And more…

– Nutritional meal, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and coffee
– Nutrition advice
– Conversation and a safe space to spend time
– Advocacy
– Traditional Elder and Healer
– Child minding
– All ages homework help centre
– Assistance with transportation
– Women’s, men’s, and children’s educational programming
– Community addictions and mental health outreach
– Referrals and resources
– Free phone usage (local calls)
– Special events including Community Dinners and our Women’s Pamper Night

Who We Are


Hayden McGuire is the executive director of SWITCH.

Hayden was born and raised in Saskatoon and is happy to be calling it home again. She first encountered SWITCH while pursuing her degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 2010. She left the city to continue her studies with a Masters program and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. She loves community engagement, learning opportunities and growing her knowledge of social justice movements. In her downtime you’ll find her walking her dog Louis, doing needlework, and discovering new books to collect.

Hayden can be contacted here.

 The programming coordinator of SWITCH is currently empty. Please direct all programming inquires here.

Alex Flaman is the volunteer coordinator of SWITCH.
Alex recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies from the University of Saskatchewan, currently she is working on a Master of Arts in History. Alex has been volunteering at SWITCH for the past few years, stepping into many leadership roles.  In her free time, Alex can be found cuddling her kitties and experimenting in the kitchen.
Alex can be contacted here.
Evelyn Linklater is the cultural support worker of SWITCH.

Board of Directors

Christine Balderama is the current holder of the Chair Portfolio. The holder of the Chair Portfolio works in conjunction with the SWITCH Board of Directors and staff to create and implement both short and long-term goals for SWITCH’s future. Christine can be contacted here.

WenYu Ruan is the current holder of the Vice Chair Portfolio. This portfolio holder supports the duties of the Chair. WenYu can be contacted here.

Chantal Chabot is the current treasurer. The holder of the treasurer portfolio works closely with the executive direction to update SWITCH Board on financial matters. They assist in payroll, act as a signatory, enter and receipt donations, and work with the bookkeeper and other financial professionals regarding SWITCH’s finances. Chantal can be contacted here.

Anushua Sen is the current holder of the Secretary Portfolio. This portfolio holder supports the Chair in the management of the Board of Directors. They record and organize meeting minutes and are in charge of the website and SharePoint. Anushua can be contacted here.

Sara Islam is the current holder of the Community Engagement Portfolio. The holder of the Community Engagement Portfolio works to strengthen SWITCH’s relationship with other CBOs. They also chair the Community Outreach Committee. If you are from a CBO and interested in learning more about Community Cares Meetings, or if you are a student interested in learning more about the Community Outreach Committee, please contact Sara here.

Thomas Song is the current holder of the Student Recruitment and Retention Portfolio. This portfolio holder involves bringing in new student volunteers from various colleges and maintaining current volunteers through promotion at campus events, classroom presentations, and volunteer appreciation initiatives. They also chair the Student Recruitment and Retention Committee. Thomas can be contacted here.

Jake Reaser is the current holder of the mentor portfolio. The mentor portfolio holder ensures that all mentors interested in SWITCH are trained, orientated, and have all the proper paperwork submitted prior to mentoring. They ensure that each shift has a physician/nurse practitioner and a social worker signed up. Overall, the mentor portfolio acts as a liaison to address any questions or concerns the mentors may have about SWITCH. Jake can be contacted here.

Emilia Gillies is the current holder of the Shift Teams Leader Portfolio. The holder of the Shift Teams Leader Portfolio is responsible for the training and support of Clinical Team Leaders and Outreach Team Leaders, and ensuring consistency on shift. As well, this position supports the Volunteer and Program Coordinators’ on-shift duties. Emilia can be contacted here.

Patrick Sarmiento is the current holder of the Alumni Relations Portfolio. The holder of the Alumni Relations  Portfolio looks to maintain connections with SWITCH alumni. All alumni related inquiries can be directed to Patrick here.

Rena Young is an advisory member of the SWITCH board.

  SWITCH is currently look for an advisory member for the SWITCH board. Please direct all inquires here.



SWITCH has been operating since October 19th, 2005. The fact that our clinic is as successful today as it was when it first opened is a testament to the hard work that went into designing Saskatoon’s Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health clinic as a sustainable organization.  Compared to other student-run clinics in Canada, SWITCH offers the largest variety of services, operates the highest volume of shifts, and has been open for the longest amount of time.

Here’s how it all started:


Westside Community Clinic

SWITCH made links with Westside Community Clinic and other organizations. A budget was written and funding confirmed from Primary Health Services and the University of Saskatchewan. Liability insurance from the University of Saskatchewan and Community Health Services were acquired. SWITCH started to get the attention of the media.

Summer 2005

Registered Charity

A Needs Assessment report, orientation manuals, policy manuals, and service agreements were created. Student liability assurance were arranged with SIAST and University of Regina. SWITCH continued to receive funding from various sources and confirmed registered charity status.

Fall 2005

First Shift

Staff and mentors were hired and contracted. Mandatory orientations to clinic and program operations were held for mentors and students as well as identifying those students who will play a key role in SWITCH shift operations.

SWITCH opened at the West Side Community Clinic for the first Wednesday shift. Grand Opening took place on Wednesday, October 19th.


Women’s Health

SWITCH opened up its third shift on September 13, which was dedicated to Women’s Health. The services focused on prenatal care, contraception, sexually transmitted disease, annual pelvic exams, and menopause.


Saturday shifts

Due to unstable funding, SWITCH made the difficult decision of putting Saturday shifts on hold until sustainable funding was established.


SWITCH turns 10!

In October 2015, SWITCH celebrated its 10th year in operation!


Saturdays Are Back!

With generous support from the Durward Seafoot Estate and funds received through the RUH Foundation Community Mental Health Endowment Grant, SWITCH was able to resume Saturday shifts in April 2016!

Annual Reports

Annual report summary 2017-2018

Coming soon.