All residents of Saskatoon have equal access to healthcare, nutrition, education, and employability skills to better arm them with tools to create opportunities for themselves.


SWITCH augments the training of future professionals while improving the health, education, and skills of people from Saskatoon’s core communities, ultimately achieving lasting positive change for everyone involved.


The following values serve as a guide as we work toward our vision:

  • Recognizing the social determinants of health
  • Empowering clients, volunteers, and mentors to make a difference in the community
  • Earning the trust and respect of our partners, clients, volunteers, and mentors
  • Comprehensive care that is holistic and interdisciplinary
  • Ethical, social, and cultural responsibility
  • Compassion and empathy for everyone


SWITCH has been operating since October 2005. The continued success of our clinic is a testament to the hard work that went into designing Saskatoon’s SWITCH clinic as a sustainable organization. 

Of all of the student-run clinics in Canada, SWITCH offers the largest variety of services, operates the highest volume of shifts, and has been open for the most number of years.

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What a SWITCH shift is

What does a shift look like?

Each shift has:

  • A physician or nurse practitioner mentor
  • A social work mentor
  • 1-4 professional mentors from various health fields
  • ~20 student volunteers from the U of S, U of R, First Nations University, and Sask Polytech in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, social work, kinesiology, nutrition, clinical psychology, pharmacy, public health, arts & science, educational psychology, dentistry, and more


what a shift is

Partners and Sponsors

Our Partners

SWITCH would not be able to operate without the generous support and contributions, both financial and in-kind, of our partners which have been with our organization from the beginning.  We are grateful and appreciative for the support and confidence these organizations give us every year.

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon Health Region – Primary Health
  • Saskatoon Community Clinic

Our Sponsors

SWITCH is supported financially by a variety of organizations, institutions, companies, and granting agencies.  We would like to thank and acknowledge the following sponsors for their contribution to SWITCH:

  • University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine 
  • Durward Seafoot Estate
  • Saskatoon Community Foundation – Quality of Life Grant
  • Saskatoon Community Foundation – Jack & Sylvia Vicq Fund
  • City of Saskatoon
  • United Way
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Community Initiatives Fund 
  • University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union
  • SaskPolytechnic Nursing Division
  • Dakota Dunes Development Corporation
  • Tony & Mary Banks Family Fund
  • and the many groups, organizations, and individuals who have raised money on behalf of and donated personally to SWITCH